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Billy Ray Wheelock is one of the “Obama Eight,” a group of former prisoners who were all convicted of drug crimes and among the first to have their sentences commuted by President Obama.

Armes was the director of photography and conducted the interview.

’Obama Eight’ adjust to life after life sentences
Nathan Butler lost his wife, Jessica, when she died while pregnant with their daughter, who also died. Jessica Butler is one of thousands of mothers torn from their families in a nation with the highest rate of maternal death in the developed world. Nate now focuses on spending as much time as possible with his son, Max, 9, near their Littleton, Colorado home.

The U.S. maternal death rate is among the highest in the developed world. Eighteen states haven’t studied these deaths and others tend to blame moms. Link to full project below.
The Denver-based technology company gives unlimited vacation days to its 100 employees. As further incentive, each employee gets $7,500 every year to help pay for a dream excursion.

Armes was the director of photography and conducted interviews.

Some companies force workers to stop working, use time off. Link Below:
A teenage girl uses social media to fight the stigma of acne by showing off her acne rather than covering them up with heavy make-up. Since the age of 11, Hailey Wait, from Buena Vista, Colorado has been dealing with cystic acne - a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged underneath the skin leaving behind painful bumps.

United States Marine Josh Wagner, Iraq War veteran and American Civil War reenactor personalizes the individual soldier’s empathy for those who fought previous wars and brings history into present reality.

Stones River National Battlefield: Murfreesboro, Tennessee December 31, 2012.

A MINIATURE alpaca is being hand-raised inside a farmer’s house - and the small but mighty creature is ruling the roost. Two-year-old Cody has the run of alpaca farmer Amber Isaac’s home, and even sleeps with her in the bedroom.

Armes was the director of photography and conducted the interview.

Welcome to the restaurant where all the waitresses openly carry fully-loaded guns. All of the waitresses at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, carry heat – along with plates of delicious food to their hungry diners.

Entrepreneurs Lauren and Jayson Boebert, 34, opened the gun-themed restaurant in May 2013. But only a month after launching, a man was killed outside the eatery, leading Lauren to start looking into getting a permit for a concealed weapon – only to discover that she could already openly carry guns in her own restaurant. The menu includes items such as Bull’s Eye Grilled Chicken - and with customers permitted to carry firearms, this is one restaurant that is unlikely to be targeted by armed robbers any time soon.

Focusing on Wyoming youth suicide prevention, worked in conjunction with Denver advertising agency Barnhart Communications, on behalf of the Wyoming Department of Health Youth Suicide Prevention Program. The project’s encompassed five vignettes that each focus on a different Wyoming resident who either attempted or lost a loved one to suicide.

The stories are intended to speak to Wyoming youth and young adults about the ramifications of suicide and its effects on those left behind.

Armes, director of photography.